Level 3 Covid 19 Update

The Government has announced that New Zealand will be shifting to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 as of Tuesday, 28 April. The following sets out what PCC operations will look like as we approach and enter Alert Level 3:

Safety remains our highest priority and as such on Tuesday, 28 April (the first day of Alert Level 3) we will commence re-inducting our staff onto site and ensuring our revised procedures for running under Alert Level 3 conditions are safe from both COVID-19 and operational safety perspectives.

If you are a customer of PCC’s please inform us of any revised procedures on your site that may impact how we deliver to you.

The PCC Auckland facility and our Christchurch Distribution operation will re-open for outbound shipments on Wednesday, 29 April. For the duration of that week, only items that fit within our various stocking will be despatched.

On Tuesday May 5th, the PCC ColorCote paint line will re-commence production with the necessary precautions covering Health & Safety, hygiene, and social distancing.

From Wednesday 29th April, and for the duration of Alert Level 3, our CSR team and support team on site will be restricted with some of the team working remotely form home. As per normal all sales should be placed via email or phone.

All contractors or transport operators entering our sites to collect or deliver product, or to conduct work on site, must provide their own PPE and follow all instructions from staff as well as practicing the correct social distancing and public health measures. Work is currently underway with our various service providers to ensure that we all meet the various safety guidelines under Level 3 and to ensure that we also meet the protocols laid out by ourselves and our providers.

Our Technical Sales Managers and Architectural Specification team will be contactable (as they currently are) via their normal mobile phone contact details and email addresses. Whilst they will continue to provide customers with support there will be restrictions in place around customer and potential site visits. These restrictions will be as per the guidance under Alert Level 3

We will continue to support our customers throughout this period with a focus on maintaining our high service standards, and we appreciate your understanding as we adapt to meet the limitations arising from the restrictions of Alert Level 3.

We acknowledge the processes we have put in place may create some temporary inconvenience, however we have done so with the ongoing health of our customers, employees and the wider community in mind. We are continuously reviewing the situation and will look to amend our process as and when guidance from the Government.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kia Kaha.

Steve Haines
NZ Sales & Marketing Manager
DDI +64 9 571 1226 | M +64 027 510 6925

P +64 9 579 9199 | www.colorcote.co.nz
968 Great South Road, PO Box 12 046, Penrose, Auckland 1642

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