Building Product Information sheets

The Building Amendment Act 2021 introduced new minimum information requirements for building products to support better informed decision-making by building consent authorities, building owners, builders, and designers. The new regulations designate a number of building products for which building product information must be provided and establish the minimum requirements for that information.

Building products contribute to safe and durable buildings and yet, until now, the level and type of information provided by manufacturers and importers has been variable.

Building consent authorities can request further information about products specified in a building consent application if there is not enough evidence to show compliance with relevant Building Code clauses. This can result in delays in processing an application, and potentially lead to additional costs for the applicants.

In addition, an increase in the range and complexity of building products and building methods, as well as the availability of cheaper alternatives, has increased the risk of buildings not meeting the performance requirements of the Building Code. This has been due to products being used that are not fit for purpose, or not being used in accordance with how manufacturer intended.

The regulations apply to building products that contribute to the overall compliance of building work with the Building Code, with the exception of products that meet the criteria in regulation 7 of the regulations.

Information on these products will help designers, builders and consumers choose the right products, install them in the correct way and make informed decisions about using alternative products where there are product shortages.

In accordance with the Building Amendment Act 2021, please find below the relevant links to download a copy of the Building Product Information Sheet for each of the ColorCote products.

MagnaFlow Building Product Information Sheet

ZinaCore Building Product Information Sheet

AlumiGard Building Product Information Sheet

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