More roofing choices help you choose right

No other roofing manufacturer offers our range of metal substrates, unique technologies, and baked-on colours to suit any environment or design.

ColorCote has been leading New Zealand’s innovation of pre-painted steel and aluminium roofing and cladding products in NZ since 1973. We’re proudly part of Fletcher Steel, a division of Fletcher Building Limited, our country’s largest and most trusted construction and building supplies company.

ColorCote has been protecting NZ homes for over 40 years, so we’ve been doing it better for longer. By choosing the right substrate and paint system you’ll preserve your investment and thank us for many years to come.

Why a ColorCote roofing product is right for you

Quite simply, no other NZ manufacturer can match our range of quality steel and aluminium roofing substrates, with baked on pre-painted colour options from a choice of two paint systems – all backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Three tiers of roofing technology

Only ColorCote has a three-tier range of pre-painted metal roofing and cladding products – all using the latest paint technology – to suit any environment. We can recommend the ideal product for your build by using one of our three substrate types and two paint systems, to ensure your roof or cladding is perfect for the environment it is designed for – from moderate inland to the harshest coastal, industrial or geo-thermal conditions.

Innovation for the long run

Our R&D includes cutting-edge technologies like adding magnesium to our MagnaFlow alloy coating to help zinc flow over cut edges and seal them, preventing rust sites. We also vigorously test our products in the harshest sites possible so we know our products will last for decades.

Many profile options for design flexibility

Combine any of our substrates with the skills of our recommended rollformers to bend, curve, shape or form virtually any profile. From traditional style corrugate to more modern rib designs and architectural tray-style roofing, refer to our distributor list for their range of profiles.

Over 40 colours

There are more than 40 colours in the ColorCote palette to suit any design. Blend in or boldly stand out, from traditional to the latest trends – go wild, mild, modern, bold, earthy, metallic or even black and white. And we also have a special colour range to meet some councils’ specific requirements for light reflectivity.

Sustainability & recycling

All our products are 100% recyclable and you’ll be pleased to know they’re all lead and cadmium-free, so they’re suitable for rainwater collection and drinking systems.

We recycle or reuse all our metal scrap and we continue to reduce our emissions and power usage. Like our products, we’re here for good.

The right roof warranty

We don’t just give a generic ’15 year warranty’ with unclear and onerous conditions in the fine print. We give you a unique warranty, just for your site and your design.