Roof Wash protects your roof so it can protect you

Schedule regular Roof Wash cleans, because maintenance will be a condition of your warranty. Your roof keeps your house dry, safe and habitable. Yet, because we rarely look up, we don’t often spot problems until it’s too late.

Recent research shows that 33% of all roofs suffer from untamed moss or fungi growth. It’s critical to keep your roof clean and free from lichen and moss. The buildup of these growths can retain moisture, leading to corrosion of your steel roof over time. Corrosion can weaken your roof and cause leaks and other structural issues. All of which will detract from the appearance of your home. Regular use of Roof Wash can help extend the life of your roof, keep it looking its best and prevent costly repairs. 

Did you know that regular ongoing roof maintenance will also be a condition of your warranty?

All roofing and cladding products require regular maintenance to keep them looking good, to prolong their life, and to meet the terms of any product warranty.

At ColorCote, we want to help you keep your roof in good shape so it can do its job for longer – that’s why we created Roof Wash!

Why use Roof Wash?

  • Doesn’t damage paint
  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • Treats mould, moss, algae and lichen
  • Adds years to your roof’s lifespan
  • Works on any surface type
  • Formulated for all ColorCote roofs
  • Improve your house’s street appeal

To order your Roof Wash