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Canterbury owned and operated Roofline Canterbury was established in 1977 under the name Roofline Products Ltd.

The name changed in 2015 when Colin Megaw, who had worked there for 16 years, took over ownership of the company, ensuring it continued to provide first-class services for customers across Christchurch and Canterbury.

“We believe we are good at looking after our customers, some of whom we have had since the company’s inception,” Colin says.

Based in Shands Road, Hornby, Roofline Canterbury manufactures customised steel roofing for new and replacement roofs across the residential and commercial markets.

The company contracts a team of licenced building practitioners to undertake the fascia, gutter, roofing and downpipe installation, and has 12 people on its own staff working in the factory and office.

“Reroofs we undertake include concrete tiles, Decramastic tiles, steel roofing, and we can also remove and dispose of asbestos roofing.

“When reroofing we only remove in one day what we can replace to ensure the structure always remains watertight,” Colin explains.

Roofline Canterbury offers a free quote service for new roofing and reroofing. “We work with numerous builders, building companies and one-off homeowners.

“For new roofs we price off plans. For reroofing we visit the site to assess the job and discuss the owner’s requirements and provide a quotation. When accepted we put up either edge protection or scaffolding depending on the pitch of the roof and soffit height.”

The roofing iron is obtained from two New Zealand sources, NZ Steel and Pacific Coilcoaters, with the roofs being manufactured to order at Roofline’s factory in Hornby.

The steel is generally warranted for 30 years and the paint finish for 18 years, depending on the location of the property.

“Manufacturing flashings is an integral part of our business now with the new watertight building code. Roofline can manufacture flashings to meet these requirements in galvanised, Zincalume, aluminium or colour finish.

“We work closely with builders and designers to find an acceptable watertight solution for unique situations. Flashings can be manufactured within three days of ordering,” Colin says.

“In the last three years we have invested in several new roll-forming and sheet metal machines – a new dual-level corrugate and five-rib machine, ridging machine and an 8m sheet metal folder.

“We are also in the process of introducing to the market our new fascia and quad gutter profiles. We will commence production with these new machines early in 2020.”

Roofline now has some of the most up-to-date equipment available, enabling the company to be a market leader in quality and manufacturing turnaround times for roofing and cladding projects, Colin says.

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