The right roof
for your location

Introducing our 3-tier product range

Roofing and cladding are the largest, most obvious features of your home so they need to be durable enough to look great over the long term, no matter how demanding the environment is. That is why we developed our three-tier range of pre-painted metal roofing and cladding products. All use the latest coating technology, with the option of two paint systems, so you can find the optimal product to suit your building environment, from moderate inland to the harshest coastal, industrial or geo-thermal conditions.
We’re confident you’ll find a product in our range exactly right for your design and site.

For a quick overview about our products, click on a tab below:

  • AlumiGard (previously AR8/ARX) is our premium metal roofing product, designed to withstand the harshest conditions

    Aluminium doesn’t rust. Suitable for use in ‘Very severe’ marine environments, right up to the waterline, or for acidic exposure in harsh industrial or geothermal areas. Under AlumiGard’s durable baked-on paint systems is the same marine grade aluminium alloy boats are made from.

  • The magic of magnesium in MagnaFlow (previously ZM8/ZMX) uniquely adds extra anti-corrosive protection

    Designed for ‘Severe marine’, up to 100m from the coastline, the superior corrosion resistance of MagnaFlow, makes it an ideal choice for demanding coastal environments. The magnesium in the aluminium/zinc/magnesium coating ‘magically’ helps zinc flow over cut edges, sealing them against exposure which will cause corrosion.

  • ZinaCore (previously ZR8/ZRX) is the best value pre-painted aluminium and zinc coated steel roof for most sites

    Suitable for moderate climatic conditions, ZinaCore has a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy coating over a steel substrate. It has an acrylic or polyester top coat baked on a polyester primer, giving an extremely durable paint system that resists UV damage and provides excellent gloss and colour retention.

Choose the right roof for your location

It is very important to choose the correct ColorCote pre-painted metal roofing or cladding system for the atmospheric environment. For example, installing a system designed for a ‘Moderate’ environment in a ‘Very severe’ marine environment will mean a shorter product life, more maintenance and no warranty.

Where is your site on the climatic scale?

The 5 internationally recognised ISO categories for the environment span from ‘Mild’ to ‘Very severe’ climatic or geographical conditions. These are guides only to help you choose the right substrate and paint system.