Our warranties
are unique too

We make sure the right product is used for its environment

Most roofing companies offer a ‘warranty’ for their products. All warranties are not the same. Just because a company is willing to give you a warranty won’t make your roof or cladding any more durable or resistant to the elements.

If you don’t meet the demanding conditions, and the roof starts to quickly fail, the full replacement cost may be at your expense.


Basic maintenance will prolong your roof life.

All roofing and cladding products require regular maintenance to keep them looking good, to prolong their life and to meet the terms of any product warranty.

Choosing the right product for the environment is the best way to reduce maintenance time.

Warranty Enquiry Form

All ColorCote roofing and cladding products come with a written warranty backed by Fletcher Building, one of NZ’s largest companies. Our warranties are specific to a particular building, where it is sited, and the type of roofing and cladding product used.

We’ll let you know which is the best substrate and paint solution for the design you are planning and the environment you are building in.
This means you’ll get the correct ColorCote product and a pre-approved warranty.

  • MagnaFlow residential warranty terms

    Depending on the environment, Pacific Coilcoaters offers warranties of differing lengths on MagnaFlow for residential buildings.

    For full terms and conditions


    *A warranty on MagnaFlow in ISO 5 is subject to prior approval by Pacific Coilcoaters.
    These are indicative and represent the maximum for each ISO zone. To receive a warranty customised to your location please use the warranty enquiry form.